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Stamp & Collection Values!

Valuation is usually a primary concern on the mind of any collector.  Am I paying too much?  Can I get it cheaper? Will this stamp go up in value? Can I afford to buy this?

At one time or another you will ask yourself these questions before each purchase… If you don’t then you’re either very rich and carefree, in which case I am up for adoption or you need to gain some semblance of self control.  It’s very easy to get carried away when you’re trying to build a collection.

In this section of our Web site, we’re not going to list actual values for stamps.  This is about valuation; what affects the value and how you can determine the value an item.

We’ll also discuss buying, selling, some statistics and definitions that will put things into context and hopefully help you make good decisions as your collection grows.

To muddy the water a little more before I explain and clear things up: a stamp, collection or "hoard" can have several different values, depending on a variety of things. One of those things is, believe it or not: why you are asking!