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Stamp Tools

Stamp Tools!

Tools are a very important part of a stamp collector’s arsenal. Much like supplies, tools can also make or break a good collection.  Among other things, they are what we use to handle stamps, identify them, record and inventory them.  From the basics; Tongs, a perforation gauge, a magnifying glass and a watermark detection kit to the more advanced tools like digital microscopes and everything in-between.

We’ll also discuss the proper use and care for the tools that you invest in.

Regardless of experience level, the average collector doesn’t need to spend a fortune to have a very nice toolkit. We’ll talk about each tool, options and alternatives for those on a budget or for that occasional use which does not come along often enough to justify buying that high end piece of equipment..

The major types of tools are:

Handeling: Thes are tools that you use to actually handle and temporatily hold stamps while you are working with tem.

General Identification: The basic tools of stamp dentification such as the magnifying glass, Perforation gauge, water mark detector and a basic color guide.

Stamp Catalogs: These are invaluable tools for visual identification, values and some specifics for variants of individual issues.

Preservation: There are cutters for mounts and among other things, this category includes item to aid in removing stamps from paper or otherwise stuck to eachother, Drying and keeping them streight.

Lighting: This is not limited to a discussion of a lamp for your desk. There are many types of lighting which are useful for the stamp collector.

Advanced tools: Such as more expensive and at times complex methods for magnification, scanning, color identification, identification guides and aluminum foil (tell you what for later)...

Computers: Yes computers are tools for the stamp collector too!

Digital Imaging: Cameras, Scanners and other nifty digital devices that can make your life easier.