Coney's Stamps


Charles S. Hale RO106

U.S. Back of the Book Stamps (BoB)

Back of the book stamps are known as such simply because they are the stamps and stamp types that are found in the back half of the Scott's A1 US Specialized Catalog.

BoBs' are basically all the "other" types of stamps issued and used in the United States by the government for official and private use. In addition there are private die stamp found in the "back of the book".

We'll explain more about the various types in this section of 'Coney's Stamps'.




Issue Type
Scott Catalog Abbr.
3¢ 1861 Postmasters’ Provisionals (AX, AXU) 
Air post first day covers 
Air Post Postal Cards (UXC) 
Air Post Semi-Official Stamps  (CL) 
Air Post Special Delivery (CE) 
Air Post Stamped Envelopes & Air Letter Sheets (UC) 
Air post stamps (C) 
Beer  (REA) 
Boating  (RVB) 
Booklet Panes, Booklets (BK) 
Camp Stamps  (RVC) 
Canal Zone 
Carrier’s stamps (LO, LB) 
Certified Mail Stamp (FA) 
Christmas seals (WX) 
Cigarette Tubes (RH) 
Cinderella (a.k.a. Cindy's)
Commemorative Panels (CP) 
Computer Vended (CVUX) 
Computer Vended Postage (CVP)
Postmasters’ Provisionals  (X, XU) 
Consular Service Fee  (RK) 
Cordials & Wines  (RE) 
Customs Fee  (RL) 
Die & Plate Proofs (-P) 
Distilled Spirits Excise Tax  (RX) 
Documentary  (R) 
Duck (Hunting permit, Federal) (RW) 
Duck (Hunting permit, State & Indian Reservation) 
Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper  (RM-RN) 
Encased Postage Stamps (EP) 
Essays (-E) 
Fermented Fruit Juice  (REF) 
Firearms Transfer  (RY) 
Future Delivery  (RC) 
Imperforate Flat Plate Coil Stamps  (-H, -V) 
International Reply Coupons (IRC) 
Local hand-stamped covers 
Local Stamps  (L, LU) 
Match & Medicine  (RO, RS) 
Motor Vehicle Use  (RV) 
Narcotic Tax (RJA) 
Newspaper & Periodical Stamps  (PR) 
Numismatic Souvenir Cards  (NSC) 
Offices in China  (K) 
Offices in Geneva 
Offices in Vienna 
Official Envelopes & Wrappers  (UO, WO) 
Official Postal Cards  (UZ) 
Official Seals  (OXF, OXA, OX, LOX) 
Official stamps (O) 
Parcel Post Postage Due Stamps (JQ) 
Parcel Post Stamps  (Q) 
Personal Computer Postage 
Personalized Postage 
Playing Cards  (RF) 
Post Office Seals  (OXF, OXA, OX, LOX) 
Postage Currency  (PC) 
Postage Due Stamps  (J) 
Postal Cards  (UX, UY) 
Postal Insurance Stamps  (QI) 
Postal Markings 
Postal Note Stamps (PN) 
Postal Savings Envelopes  (UO) 
Postal Savings Stamps  (PS) 
Postal Stationery 
Postmasters’ Provisionals  (X, XU) 
Potato Tax  (RI) 
Private Die Proprietary  (RO-RU) 
Proofs  (-P) 
Proprietary  (RB) 
Puerto Rico 
R.F. Overprints  (CM) 
Rectification  (RZ) 
Rectified Spirits, Puerto Rico  (RE) 
Registration Stamp  (F) 
Revenue Stamped Paper  (RM-RN) 
Revenue Stamps  (R) 
Ryukyu Islands 
Sanitary Fair Stamps  (WV) 
Savings Stamps  (S, PS) 
Semi-Postal  (B) 
Shanghai (Offices in China)  (K) 
Silver Tax  (RG) 
Souvenir Cards, Philatelic  (SC) 
Souvenir Pages  (SP) 
Special Delivery  (E) 
Special Handling  (QE) 
Specimen  (-S) 
Stamped Envelopes & Wrappers  (U, W) 
Stock Transfer  (RD) 
Telegraph Stamps  (T) 
Test Stamps 
Tobacco Sale Tax  (RJ) 
Trailer Permit  (RVT) 
Treasury Savings Stamps  (TS) 
Trial Color Proofs  (-TC) 
U.N. Interim Administration in Kosovo 
U.N. Proofs 
U.N. Souvenir cards 
U.N. Temporary Executive Authority, West New Guinea 
United Nations, Offices in New York 
Vending & affixing machine perforations 
Virgin Islands (Danish West Indies)  (RFV) 
War Savings Stamps  (WS) 
Wines  (RE)