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00002 10-Cent Washington 1847


This is where we get to the point of it all. The Stamps!

We have been compiling technical data, photographs and background information for virtually every US stamp in the Scott’s US Specialized Catalogue and even some that are not. You’ll find a menu at the right which will lead you to a wide variety of topics and resources.

This is a labor of love but it’s also very time consuming. The photos, data and history presented has been collected over the years and some have been donated by People like you who are interested in seeing this resource come to light. Initially you’ll notice gaps, as time goes by and we upload more these gaps will close.

If you have information that you would like to contribute, be it technical data, better photographs, background/historical information, interesting stories connected to stamps or other pertinent information please feel free to contact us. We welcome all the help and input that the community has to offer. This Web site is for the betterment of the community at large.

The subsections are described in the table below. An article directory follows.

Sub-Section Description & Contents
Stamps (This Page)
U.S. Issues This section is all about stamps information about them, the subjects on them, related items and articles about them.
View by Year of Issue. [ pre-1847 to current ].
View stamps by Scott Number.
View Stamps arranged by Series.
View Souvenir Sheets.
View Souvenir Panels.
Plate Number Information.
View a Master Index of Stamps.
View the Subject Index for all regular issues.
U.S.P.S. stamp announcements The texts of US Postal announcements related to stamp issues and rates.
U.S. Back of the Book (BoB) This section is all about the Back of the Book stamps information about them, the subjects on them, related items and articles about them.
View all BoB categories & descriptions.
View Air Mail Stamps and related information.
View Special Delivery Stamps and related information.
View Postage Due Stamps and related information.
Parcel Post stamps and related information.
View Commemorative Panels and related information.
View Revenues and related information.
View Essays and related information.
Stamps and Cancel Types Everything you wanted to know about cancels, metered mail and more!
Regular - Definitive.
Service Inscribed.
Fancy Cancels.
Covers A section for Covers of various types and for various purposes.
Special Events or Topics.
First Day.
Errors & Oddities Errors on U.S. Postage Stamps.
Notable & Rare Issues Calling out some of the rarest and most valuable stamps, World Wide.
Also Known as the one's I'll never find!
Topical's Subject specific topics on stamps
Confederate States of America (C.S.A.) Information about the Confederacy's postage and postal system during the Civil War.
C.S.A. Issues.
Issuing Authorities.
Confederate Stamps History.
C.S.A. History.
U.S. Territories Stamps about or issues by various U.S. Territories, Possessions and Trusts.
Joint Issues Jointly issued stamps between the US and other nations.
U.N. Issues Issues of the United Nations (Largely paid for by the U.S.).
Foreign Issues Foreign issues of special interest as well as discussions about countries that capitalize on producing commemorative stamps.