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Buying and Selling Stamps

This topic is as important as any for a collector.  We all want to get a good deal when buying equipment, supplies and of course stamps or other Collectable's.  We don’t want to pay too much or be ripped off.

Likewise when selling, a collector need to give a fair deal but get the most for his stamps or collection when it’s time to trade or sell.

Via the menu at the top right, the articles in this section will discuss some of the aspects of buying, selling and trading.  The ins and outs of transactions at shows, on-line stores, auctions, on-line auctions, dealers, mail-order, approval services, those irresistible TV, Magazine and news paper ads, classified ads and so on.

We will discuss negotiation tactics to some extent, however this is not a course in hard nosed gorilla marketing or cut throat negotiating tactics.  

The basic rules for buying and selling:

Keep to a budget; only spend what you can afford. (Link to budget discussion)

What goes around comes around. Being shrewd can be an admirable trait but don’t cross the line into a scam or rip-off. Be honest and expect honesty.

Knowledge is power.  Know what you’re buying or selling.

If it’s too good to be true, than it probably is; Caveat Emptor [Latin for “Let the buyer beware”]

Needless to say but I will anyway's: These not only apply to collecting but life in general…