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Philatelic Resources!

There are a lot of things to consider during the course of a stamp collectors "Philatelic career". Those who are just starting out still have many basic questions.

  • What to collect?
  • The purpose & goals of the collection?
  • How to display or store the collection, protection, tools and supplies?
  • Where to find information and help about collecting?
  • Where to find out about stamps and the subject on them?
  • And the list goes on from there.

Regardless of age or experience all stamp collectors will find the references and resources on this Web site useful. This Web site will help answer some questions you may have and we'll try to help point you in the right direction for others.

Please check the menu at the top right hand side of the page, there you'll find links to sections and articles of interest to all collectors; beginners, intermediate, experienced and experts alike. Topics include:

History: Stamps teach us about important events in history, they record it in a unique and special way. Not only US events but World Wide; events places and people of interest are placed on stamps. We'll help you identify them as well as know why they are being celebrated with a stamp.

U.S. History: Many important Events, Places and People are chronicled on US Postage stamps (as well as stamps from other countries). For some collectors: A well organized and documented stamp collection can read like a history book with fascinating stories and biographies.

Events Time Lines: Time lines put things into perspective and can show how things progressed over the years. through these pages you will find time-lines for worldwide and US events that have shaped our lives and societies.

Biographies: Ever wonder who those people were and why they are on stamps? Here's the place to start learning about them.

Books: These are our picks for good books for the stamp collector. We may include a odd topic here or there pertaining to something you'll find a need for or that we cover in various parts of this Web site. We only recommend or list books that we think are of use to the community.

Philatelic Clubs: Listings of Stamps/Philatelic Clubs, both US and International. Clubs can be a very important resource for you as you expand your collection and circle of stamp collecting friends.

Periodicals: This is a listing of newsletters and magazines of interest there are many to choose from.

International Postal Authorities: A list of Postal Authorities from around the world.

Web Resources: Web sites that will help you to buy, sell, research, learn, connect with like-minded collectors... just about anything you will need.

Philatelic Dictionary: Wow, a lot of jargons, acronyms, terms and abbreviations. Stamp collecting had it's share of them. Initially you'll find a huge dictionary of U.S. terms but we are working on one of the most comprehensive international dictionary of philatelic terms for this site.

Stamp Subject Directory: A alphabetical listing of Every U.S. Commemorative stamp subjects with links to bios and a list of every U.S. stamp that subject appears on. This is eventually be linked to our stamp identification guide which is currently in development.

And other handy resources: Many other non-stamp reference guides on a variety of subjects including math, chemistry, engineering conversion charts, measurement conversions, U.S. Government structure, foreign customs, languages, military rank and civilian Equivalents, Information Technology (IT), astronomy, Web site development and others.

Don't forget to check out the other sections of this Web site, in reality this entire site is a resource!

We're currently growing by leaps and bounds as we convert our notes and articles to web content. If you don't see something that you are looking for are would like to contribute information, write an article or have other comments please contact us. We'd like to hear from you.

Check our Web site Development Progress.