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Event Name
Yasuf Adil Shah becomes ruler of Bijapur, India 1489 1489
Henry Tudor succeeds Richard III  Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond defeats and kills Richard III at Bosworth; succeeds as Henry VII 1485 1509
The Spanish Inquisition begins Under joint direction of state and church 1481 1481
Union of Aragon and Castile Under Ferdinand the Catholic and Isabella 1479 1479
Life of Michelangelo 1475 1564
Dante's "Divine Comedy" Dante's "Divine Comedy" first printed at Foligno 1472 1472
Civil war in England 1459 1459
Wars of the Roses begin Series of civil wars in England fought between the rival houses of Lancaster and York 1455 1455
Renaissance period 1450 1600
Gutenberg press improves printing press   1450 1450
King Pachacutec founds Inca rule throughout Peru 1438 1438
Donatello: "David," sculpture, Florence  1433 1433
Joan of Arc burned at the stake at Rouen 1431 1431
Byzantines lose Asia Minor to Turks 1390 1390
Venice of Neuberg Albert III and Leopold III divide Hapsburg territories 1379 1379
Restoration of the Great Wall of China 1368
Ming dynasty in China 1368 1644
Hundred Years War Hundred Years War between England and France 1337 1453
The Aztecs establish Mexico City 1327 1327
Salic Law adopted in France Excludes women from succession to throne 1317 1317
The legendary Rutli vow The vow of the three Swiss cantons to unite against Rudolf I of the Habsburg Dynasty 1307 1307
Temporary end of European slave trade 1300 1300
The Sicilian Vespers The Sicilian Vespers: the massacre of the French in Sicily 1282 1282
Marco Polo travels to China 1271 1271
War between Venice & Genoa Hundred Years War between Venice and Genoa 1256 1350
Five-year truce between England and France 1243 1243
Mongols conquer Russia, take Moscow 1237 1240
Leprosy enters Europe  Leprosy imported to Europe by the Crusaders 1230 1230
Anglo-French war 1224 1227
Magna Carta written King John seals Magna Carta at Runnymede 1215 1215
Genghis Khan invades China 1211 1215
Mongol (Yuan) dynasty in China Mongol Yuan dynasty in China overthrown by national Ming dynasty 1206 1368
Second Bulgarian Empire founded Founded by brothers Ivan and Peter Asen 1185 1185
Byzantium allies with Venice Both ally against the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa 1165 1165
Eric of Sweden conquers Finland 1157 1157
End of Toltec Empire in Mexico 1151 1151
First explosives used in warfare, by Chinese 1151 1151
Gothic period 1150 1400
Peace between Henry I of England and Louis VI of France 1120 1120
Compass invented 1100 1100
The Crusades begin European efforts to retake Jerusalem from the Muslims 1095 1095
The Cid takes Valencia from the Moors 1094 1094
Macbeth becomes king Duncan of Scotland murdered by Macbeth, who becomes king 1040 1057
Ferdinand I makes Castile a separate, united kingdom 1033 1033
USA Vikings sail to America 1000 1000
USA Leif Eriksson discovered America  Leif Eriksson, son of Eric the Red, is supposed to have discovered America (Nova Scotia) 1000 1000
Civil war in Rome 996 996
First canonization of saints 993 993
USA First Viking colonies established in Greenland by Eric the Red 982 982
End of the rule of nobles in Rome 980 980
N. Africa freed from Egypt 972 972
The English invade Gwynedd 965 965
Decline of Classic Maya Empire 964 1191
The Byzantines re conquer Crete The Byzantines re conquer Crete from the Arabs Hakam II, Caliph of Cordoba 961 976
The Buyides rule over Baghdad 945 1055
Civil war in Japan; revolts against imperial rule 939 1185
Algiers founded by Arabs 935 935
Byzantine Empire extended to Euphrates and Tigris 919 919
Fatimid dynasty Rise of the Fatimid dynasty in Kairouan, N. Africa 909 1171
Epoch of the Five Dynasties in China 907 960
England divided into shires England divided into shires, with county courts as the safeguard of the civil rights of the inhabitants 900 900
USA Vikings discover Greenland 900 900
beginning of the Christian re conquest of Spain Under Alfonso III, the Great, of Castile 900 900
Paper manufacturing in Cairo 900 900
Final separation of Germany and France 887 887
The Emperor Charles III becomes king of France This once more unites the empire of Charlemagne 884 887
The Norsemen settle in Iceland 874 874
Calibrated candles in England measure time 870 870
Rurik of Russia founds Novgorod, capital of Western Russia 862 862
Iceland discovered by the Norsemen 861 861
War between Charles the Bald and Louis of Germany 853 853
Inflation and state bankruptcy in China 845 845
Treaty of Verdun This treaty ended a struggle by three brothers over the Charlamagne Empire. 843 843
Danish settlers found Dublin and Limerick 840 840
Danes raid England 834 834
Louis the Pious divides France among his sons Lothar becomes coregent, Louis receives Bavaria, Pepin Aquitania 817 817
The term "algebra" coined By Persian scientist and mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al Chwarazmi 810 810
The Vikings dominate Ireland 802 802
Charlemagne crowned first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne crowned by Pope Leo III at Rome, Dec. 26 12/26/800 12/26/800
War between the Byzantine Empire and the Bulgarians 755 755
Beds become popular in France and Germany 750 750
First printed newspaper appears in Peking 748 748
Peter's pence (tax) started to support a college at Rome Started by Ine, king of Wessex 726 726
Greek becomes the official language of the Eastern Roman Empire Originally was Latin 700 700
Croats and Serbs occupy Bosnia 650 650
Jerusalem conquered by the Arabs 637
The Edictum Chlotacharii Defines the rights of kind, nobles, and church 614 614
Czechs and Slovaks settle in Bohemia and Moravia 600 600
Book printing in China 600 600
The Lombard's are converted to Roman Catholicism Happens under King Authari and Queen Theodelinda 589 589
Leovigild conquers the whole of Spain 585 585
Buddhism firmly established in Japan 575 575
War between Persia and the Byzantine Empire 572 591
Persians overthrow Abyssinian rule Persians overthrow Abyssinian rule in the Yemen 570 570
Mohammed, founder of Islam 570 632
beginning of European silk industry Justinian sends missionaries to China and Ceylon to smuggle out silkworms 552 552
The crucifix develops as ornament 550 550
The plague spreads through Europe The plague in Constantinople, imported by rats from Egypt and Syria, soon spreads all over Europe 542 594
Incense is introduced in Christian church service 500 500
Europe in the "Dark Ages" 467 800
Venice founded Venice founded by refugees from Attila's Huns 452 452
Attila becomes ruler of the Huns 433 433
The Huns invade Europe 360 360
The Romans take Armenia  The Romans take Armenia from the Persians 297 297
Wars of the Marcomanni and Quadi Germanic tribes fight to resist takeover by the Roman Empire 167 175