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To be honest, when growing up I was never really all that interested in history as a subject in school but two things changed that. #1 collecting stamps. Natural curiosity finally took hold somewhere in my teens and early twenties. Curiosity took hold and I started exploring and finding out more about the subjects on the stamps that I was proudly collecting and more recently; #2 the history channel, of which I seem to be addicted to watching.

Since 1847, more than 4,000 stamps have celebrated 500 years of American history! Every regular, commemorative and back of the book U.S. stamp has a story behind it. Each one celebrates or honors something, somewhere, some time or someone from history!

From the discovery and exploration of the New World and the original 13 colonies, Manifest Destiny and onward and upward to the moon. Fantastic inventions, organizations, people and events of all types can be found and explored on a simple stamp. Historical highlights span centuries, from Columbus's voyage to the moon landing, with stamps honoring everything from steamships to Elvis.

Foreign stamps are likewise filled with the accounts of history.

Beyond the history celebrated by the stamp, the story behind the stamp and how they are selected, created and produced can be as interesting as the subject on it.

Here we will explore both.