Coney's Stamps
BoyDad and Son Looking at Stamps
Boy Scout Stamp Collecting Badge
Kids Stmp booth at Washington DC Show

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Philatelic Fun!

Who says Philately can’t be Phun? There’s a lot of fun to be had colleting stamps, or for that matter almost anything!

Here are a growing collection of fun, if not amazing stories, and jokes which will hopefully tickle you!

There are many ways for Kids to get involved and interesting events and facts for the finding. When possible take the time to promote the hobby to new people, in particular children, they are our future. Some of you can think of it this way: when you're ready to sell your collection as part of your retirement plan whose going to buy it if not for the next generation of collectors?

Boy Scout Stamp Collecting Merit Badge Program:  Here’s what you need to do or how you can help a Boy Scout get his badge.

How to get clubs and community groups involved and helping each other: There are many societies, organizations, fraternities and other community groups who can help and be helped by holding combined events or combining resources to promote some activity.

Quick and fun facts about stamps, stamp collectors and other topics that you may find of interest!