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Computing for the Collector!

Nowadays, computing is not exactly a new thing.  It’s been around longer than many of you who are reading this have been.  We decided to delicate a section to “Computing for the Collector” with the thought that many older stamp collectors may not be all that familiar with them and how useful they can be. We also realized that while others and those in IT professions or younger people may know and understand computers they many may not realize how to get the most out of them as a collector. 

They aren't just for keeping a spreadsheet inventory or surf the web for stamp sites. There is so much more that they can do.

Explore the menu at the top right of this page.  While we don’t go into extreme detail, the menu will take you to a variety of articles, how-to articles and guides to address the most issues or questions that you might have.

We’ll discuss the basic parts of a computer, types of computers, software, networking, what to do if it breaks, digital images, protecting your computer, the internet and more… if you’re shopping for a computer or peripherals (printers and stuff) we’ll give you some ideas of what to look for and how to find a good deal. 

While it’s not arranged as a step-by-step tutorial if you follow the links from the top down it’ll give you a pretty good primer on the subject.

I guess I should also say that We're not selling computers and we're not saying that you should run out a buy one or that you need one like these. But it is a valuable asset to have and we will discuss keeping costs and needs within reason and balanced with their intended use.

Spending can quickly get out of hand. most people over spend and over estimate their computing needs. Unless you're in a business where you need advanced feature and excessive power you can get by with a modest investment.

The articles in this section will not only provide a computer hardware and software primer but will describe what they can do for the collector and some of the added benefits for the "do-it-yourself er, who wants it their own way" in all of us.

Finally we'll cover Internet and other "digital" resources for the collector. There is a wealth of information out there in “cyber space” for philatelists of all types, sizes and shapes, likewise for software packages and information products that you can buy on CD or DVD or for download and load directly onto your computer.