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Question mark key on keyboardFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)...

We've provided answers to some of the more common questions that our visitor have asked. Please review these FAQ's and if you don't find an answer to your question please contact us. Additional FAQ's and important information can be found on the "Policy" and "Be a SME" pages.

This page will be updated periodically, so check it from time to time.


Of course you can, that's the whole point of our posting it. Our goal is to give you the information that you need to improve your life, mentally, physically, spiritually and even monetarily.

Continuously: As new topics, sources and materials are submitted, collected or created new sites to support them will be added. Please review out current and future sites planned. Although the actual schedule varies for each site; we tentatively plan to add one or a new major section to an existing site every quarter. New links may be added any time as they are submitted and complement the subject material of the site(s).

We are currently consolidating and prepping web content from years of notes and previous articles and presentations. New articles will be posted as they are prep 'd and proofed.

As articles and subjects are submitted to or written by our internal staff they are generally checked for spelling, correctness, content and format. Depending on how many are submitted and their size we generally try to do weekly updates. However this may change as situations require.

Mr. Coney has not only been a self described information junkie for most of his life but he's been collecting stamps since 1972. We have a large repository of projects, articles and documents that have been written or collected by him and Keystone's staff over the years. We are still in the process of converting them to web ready copy.

A good portion of the information you find on our site and pages is submitted by people just like you who have a genuine interest or deep understanding of a particular subject and want to share the information with others.

Not at this time.  As our network grows, job openings will be posted on the web site in the future. In addition to these FAQ's please review the “Be a SME” page.

For information which has a copyright notice on and page or web page; In order to get permission, you will need to contact us with the following information:

1. Name of publication or Web Site article that you want to reprint.

2. Name of and complete contact info for individual to which license is being requested.

3. URL(s) of material on the Site to be reprinted. Please allow 3-4 business days for your information to be reviewed. Someone will then follow up with further instruction. Most requests are granted without delay.

Recommended Reading: “How to get permission to re-print or re-use someone else’s work

Yes. You can, we couldn't stop you even if we wanted to.  You don’t need the permission of any web site owner to put a link to their site on yours. Use the code below to create a link to another web page Replace the Web with the name of the web site you want to link to.
<a href=" http://www.Web">web site name </a>

If there is a specific page you want to link to then use the following example.  Replace everything between the “quotation marks” with the url for the web page (you can copy it from your web browser’s address bar)
<a href=" http://www.Web">link name </a>

If you are interested in placing a link on our site, please fill out the link submission form available on the Links page. We will then review your site and consider your link. Please note that requesting a link does not guarantee a listing on any Keystone site.

Contact our Marketing department with a description of what type of advertisement and products you’re proposing.

We have been discussing this for some time. At this time we do not but are investigating the addition of a program. The main benefit to adding an affiliate program would be to increase exposure of our sites to the internet public. As this is not a site strictly setup for profit we will need to evaluate the costs and benefits.

To contact any Subject Matter Expert on our site, click on the Subject Matter Expert's name located on the top left corner of the particular site. You will then be brought to a page containing their e-mail address or other information that you can use for contact purposes. If no SME name appears on the page then contact us directly.

No, not ordinarily, however we won’t completely rule as special cases may require it. Then only when necessary information is already protected by copyrights or is not available otherwise. We’re always open to negotiation if you have something that you feel we may benefit from feel free to contact us with your ideas, or a proposal.

Yes we have a writer’s guideline which provides some basic information about writing for the web and will be furnished to all SME's and to the general public on request.

You may submit information for any topic that relates to a topic area covered by one of our web sites. It the information is no related in any way you may still submit it with a request to expand out areas of interest to include it.

Anything that may be a natural fit into one of the established web sites. However, objectionable material which is in extremely poor taste or illegal is not permitted. Subjects such as crude sexual items are not permitted however if the subject deals with a real health issue it may be allowed. The management of Keystone ISS reserves the right to remove or reject any material that they do not feel comfortable in posting. If you’re not sure you can always submit it and we’ll make a determination for you.

Please review our Terms of Use, Intellectual Property statement and Disclaimers for more information as to our liability.

If you have something to contribute or submit please contact us and give us a description, information on use, where you intend it to be used and any limitations on use along with your contact information and a written statement permitting it’s use on keystoneiss sites and systems.

You may submit an article, idea for an article or explore becoming a subject matter expert via the following links:

Be a Subject Matter Expert

Submit an article or idea

You may large files/items. We support a variety of formats if the formation you are using is not on the list (click the word format) you may want to contact us for instructions.

Some do not like to be bothered in public or on web sites about something published elsewhere. Some are very private people, each has his or her own reason and we respect that. Contributors and Subject Matter Experts may prefer to remain anonymous for any number of reasons, they may chose anonymity because they don’t want the attention of a public life, perhaps social or political pressure, or that the information would not receive the consideration it should. Whatever the reason, it’s their reason and we will honor the decision our writer elects.

One explanation that we've heard comes from a stamp collector that we've known and dealt with for years who told us " When I moved into my neighborhood it was a great and safe place. After 40+ years of collecting I have amassed quite a collection and in the same time my neighborhood has gone to the dogs. I have a lot of good information and experience to share but I'd rather that the neighbors didn't know I have any type of collection in my home."

Yes, you may send us a product or information relating to a subject area on one of our web sites for evaluation however, you must adhere to all applicable agreements and laws concerning “sharing” or communication of the product. We cannot guarantee that your package will be returned or that the information we gather will be posted on our sites, although we will give you the results of our review. For more information and prior authorization to send please contact us. See our SME FAQ's, Terms of Use, Intellectual Property statement and Disclaimers for more information as to our liability.

You will find the contact information applicable to each site on its individual "contacts page" also has a contacts page for your convenience.

It's the standard legal blurb from the lawyers, who are just trying to keep honest people honest and reduce the risk of someone misunderstanding the site or the services that we offer. Also to keep us out of trouble by making sure that this is a well structured and regulated system.

Basically if you accept the site for what it is and don't try to do something you know is wrong or hurtful there is nothing to worry about. If you see something that you suspect to be morally wrong, illegal or of great concern, please let us know and we'll take whatever steps are necessary to investigate it, correct it, modify it or remove it as need be and as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately it is better to be safe than sorry and protect our SME's, ourselves and company in light of the risks that can arise from dealing with the public.

We strongly encourage everyone to review these FAQ's the Policy, and the Be a SME pages for important policy information.

It’s in the long term plan to offer a newsletter via email and or in the style of a BLOG on line. At this time we do not have a specific date for the additional service.