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Thank You Note!

Credits & Dedications:

This web site is dedicated to three:
to my father Elmer C. Coney Sr., not because he was a serious stamp collector, he wasn't - Just because I want to and because he continues to inspire me.
to my family because I love them and they've put up with me for so many years!
Which brings us to you... last but not least; the philatelists of the world who share and enjoy "the hobby of kings".


Contributors to the creation and maintenance of
the Coney's Stamps web site!

It's time to give thanks to all those who have given all forms of assistance in this project. Coney's Stamps would still only be an idea floating in the back of my mind if it were not for the support of family, friends, associates and even a few people that just liked the idea behind it. Your time and contributions to the creation of this web site are greatly appreciated.

Only those who wish to be listed here will be - those wishing to remain anonymous won't.


Special Permission for Re-use/Re-Publishing of Philatelic Material:

Notations of source/ownership accompany all copyrighted material which has been posted by permission

The Smithsonian Institution - National Postal Museum ( - reuse of material / photos from

Amos Publishing / Scott's - Granted us the use of the Scott's Numbering System and catalogue material. Scotts Online.
Therefore: No Scott Catalogue values or translations to other catalog systems will be presented on this website.

U.S. Postal Service - Although we are not required to request express permission under their terms and conditions (uses not requiring permission),
we will include a notation on all material from the USPS.

See this article for information about how to ask permission to re-use or re-print someone elses infromation.


Monetary and Item Donations:

The Coney Family


Web Site Development & Assistance:

All web mastering/development work done by: Jeffrey M. Coney

Providing long-distance tutorials and guidance
WDA - WebMaster of The Wolfe Pack:
Owner of DigitalXpressions


Photographs and Input for Articles:

The Lipani Family


The Test Subjects:

Elected, drafted, begged or otherwise coerced into testing and reviewing this site!
Most are not Philatelists, but are literate and have a keen eye.

Jeff C
Eileen C
Lisa E
Elmer C
Jerry W
Ken M
Rex J
Jim C
Robert C
John D
Maxwell S
Peg L
Lynette B
George B
Martha S
Bruce S
Dave S
Caitlin R
Carol H
Mark W
Zach T
Ted G