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A Pile of Stamp Collecting Supplies

Stamp Supplies.

The selection of supplies and other related items can make or break a collection.  I’ve seen people who have brought out their collections to show me only to find truly valuable stamps crammed into a couple white windowed business envelopes and I have seen a collection of low value stamps (no one piece was worth more than a dollar) in a stamp album that cost close to four hundred dollars.

There is a balance to be struck when buying items to support your hobby and the hobby itself. It’s hard to find when starting out but as your collection and knowledge grows and your plans for its future firm up you need to keep things in proportion.  It makes little sense to buy eight hundred dollars worth of supplies, storage and equipment if you know that you’re collection will only ever be worth half that.

On the other hand if you have high value items and know that you’re going to keep them and even add to your collection, please don’t cram then into envelopes made with paper of high acid content and laden with contaminants.  Those little plastic windows as mentioned above will be defiling your stamps.

We’ll try to give you the information you need to select the proper supplies and storage for your collection.  The menu to the top right will lead you to articles and reference material to that end.  If you haven’t already, make sure you also take a good look at the equipment you may need in the Tools section. 

Storage: Products and containers that will aid you in storing and protecting your collection and investment.

Boxes: storage boxes designed for storing collectibles

Glassines: Envelopes to store and visually view your stamps

Displaying: Displays and materials for discplaying stamps safely.

Albums: Long term storage and display albums

Mounting: Products to help you mount and display your stamps.

Archival Quality: A word about archival quality for long term storage.

Paper: Not all paper is created equil.

Binders: Binders for the collector

Binder Accessories: Bider acessories can make life much easier when searching for something or storing an odd shaped piece.

Stock Pages: Temporary storage for your stamps, sheets and other philatelic collectible items.