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Scott 00199 Special Printing of 1880

Identifying Stamps and variants.

We have accumulated a large repository of US Stamp Identification information. Although it will take a little time to get it all that we have posted.  Chances are if you don’t see it we may already have it but it hasn’t been converted and posted yet...

However, we’re continuously on the lookout for additional and newer techniques and information regarding identification.  If you have something that you would like to see posted on these pages please contact us.

As you browse through the links in this section you’ll find a variety of information and background to help collectors of all levels from the most basic information to more advanced topics. We will talk about the equipment and tools used, how to use them, the techniques that come with experience, how and where to reach out for help with identification and A visual stamp identification guide and related stamp technical information is being uploaded in sections. 

This site will be enhanced with the addition of an internal site search engine soon to aid in finding the data you need quickly.