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US Stamp Issues of 1898

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Regular Issues of 1898-1903

Series of 1898

In 1898 the colors of many of the regularly issued stamps were changed to conform with the colors assigned by the Universal Postal Union.

The one cent stamp was changed to green in January, the five cent to blue in March and later the ten cents to brown and the fifteen cents to olive green to avoid confusion with the lower denominations. The four cent stamp was given slight rose hue.

For the two cent stamp, see Scott 279B, (1897)
Rose Brown
Lilac Brown
Orange Brown
Dark Blue
Lake, Claret
Purple Lake
Daniel Webster (Type II)

Commemorative Issues

The Trans-Mississippi Exposition Series
These stamps were first placed on sale June 10, 1898, at Omaha, Nebr.

trans-mississippi Series of 1898

# 285
"Marquette", is based on a painting by Lamprecht.
# 286
"Farming in the West", is based on a photograph.
# 287
"Indian hunting buffalo", is based on an engraving in Schoolcraft's history of the Indian tribes.
# 288
"Fremont on the Rocky Mountains", is based on an old engraving.
# 289
"Troops guarding train", is based on a drawing, by Frederic Remington.
# 290
"Hardships of emigration", is based on a painting, by A. G. Heaton.
# 291
"Mining prospector", a drawing, by Frederic Remington.
# 292
"Cattle in a storm", is based on a painting, by J. MacWhirter.
# 293
"Mississippi River Bridge at St. Louis", is based on photograph.

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# 3209 In 1998, the Bureau reissued these stamps in their original bi-colored designs.

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Special Delivery:
None were issued in 1898

Postage Dues:
None were issued in 1898


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