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Event Name
USA A Tale of Two Cities written by Charles Dickens 1859 1859
USA On the Origins of Species by Natural Selection published by Charles Darwin 1859 1859
USA Suez Canal constructed Artificial waterway in Egypt that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the gulf of Suez  1859 1869
Powers of the East India Company transferred to British Crown 1858 1858
USA Dred Scott v. Sandford U.S. Supreme Court ruled that African Americans were not U.S. citizens and that a previous ban on slavery was unconstitutional 1857 1857
USA Buchanan elected president in U.S. 1856 1856
USA Pottawatomie Massacre Massacre of slavery supporters by Anti-slavery advocate John Brown 1855 1855
Alexander II becomes Czar of Russia Czar Nicolas I of Russia succeeded by Alexander II 1855 1855
Life of Vincent van Gogh 1853 1890
Smallpox vaccinations compulsory in England 1853 1853
Crimean War 1853 1856
USA Uncle Tom's Cabin written by Harriet Beecher Stowe 1852 1852
South African republic established 1852 1852
Reign of the Second Empire in France 1852 1870
USA Moby Dick written by Herman Melville 1851 1851
Cuba declares independence 1851 1851
USA U.S. Compromise of 1850 Congress effort to settle several outstanding slavery issues and to avert the threat of dissolution of the Union.  1850 1850
USA California enters the Union 1850 1850
Anglo-Kafir War 1850 1853
Switzerland becomes federal union 1849 1849
Communist Manifesto issued Issued by Marx and Engels 1849 1849
beginning of Pre-Raphaelites 1848 1848
USA Taylor elected president in U.S. 1848 1848
USA California Gold Rush begins 1848 1848
USA Mexican-U.S. war ends Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo ends Mexican-U.S. war 1848 1848
USA Republic of California declared 1847 1847
Potato famine in Ireland Famine in Ireland was caused by the failure of the potato crops 1845 1849
USA Texas enters the Union 1845 1845
USA Polk elected president in U.S. 1844 1844
USA China and U.S. sign first peace and commerce treaty 1844 1844
Military revolt in Spain Isabella becomes Queen of Spain 1843 1843
Treaty of Nanking ends Opium War between Britain and Chine Confirms cession of Hong Kong to Great Britain 1842 1842
New Zealand becomes British colony 1841 1841
USA Tyler succeeds Harrison as president in U.S. 1841 1841
Life of Claude Monet 1840 1926
USA Harrison elected president in U.S. 1840 1840
USA First baseball game Abner Doubleday conducts first baseball game ever played in Coopers Town, New York 1839 1839
Uruguay declares war against Argentina 1839 1839
First British-Afghan War 1838 1838
USA Trail of Tears A Forced exodus of Cherokee from their homeland where a quarter of the population died from starvation, disease, and exposure 1838 1838
England introduces official birth registration 1837 1837
USA Electric telegraph exhibition Samuel Morse exhibits electric telegraph at College of the City of New York 1837 1837
The Great Trek Boer farmers begin a systematic emigration away from Britain. Founding of Natal 1836 1836
USA Martin Van Buren elected president in U.S. 1836 1840
USA Republic of Texas proclaimed 1836 1836
USA Texas wins independence from Mexico Becomes a republic.  Sam Houston become first president. 1836 1836
National Trades' Union First nationwide labor union 1834 1834
General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana becomes President of Mexico 1833 1833
Poland declares independence Polish Diet declares independence of Poland 1831 1831
USA Congress passes Removal Act Forced the removal and resettlement of Native American tribes beyond the Mississippi 1830 1830
USA Mormon religion founded 1830 1830
USA Andrew Jackson elected president in U.S. 1828 1836
Great cholera pandemic Great cholera pandemic, which began in India, spreads from Russia to Central Europe 1826 1832
Russia declares war on Persia 1826 1826
Decembrist revolt in Russia crushed 1825 1825
USA John Quincy Adams elected president in U.S. 1824 1824
beginning of German emigration to Brazil 1824 1824
USA Erie Canal built Artificial waterway that links Lake Erie in Buffalo, New York to the Hudson River in Albany, New York 1824 1825
First Burmese War 1824 1824
Switzerland refuses to give asylum to political refugees 1823 1823
USA Monroe Doctrine James Monroe's declaration of U.S. policy on European activities and rights in the western hemisphere 1823 1823
Greeks proclaim independence Adopt liberal republican constitution and proclaim independence 1822 1822
USA Second Great Awakening  Period of religious revival for Christians  1820 1850
Spanish revolution Forces King Ferdinand to restore Constitution of 1812 1820 1820
Transcontinental Treaty Signed Forced Spain to cede Florida to the United States 1819 1819
Simon Bolivar becomes President of Columbia 1819 1819
First German constitution The Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar grants first German constitution 1816 1816
Brazil declares its independence 1816 1816
Economic post war crisis in England 1815 1815
Congress of Vienna  1814 1814
USA Peace of Ghent signed Ended War of 1812 between Britain and U.S. 1814 1814
USA Hartford Convention Assembly called to protest the War of 1812 1814 1814
Mexico declares its independence 1813 1813
USA Creek War War incited by England between the Creek tribe and the United States during the American Revolution 1813 1813
USA War of 1812 U.S. declares was on Britain 1812 1815
USA National Road begun Also called Cumberland Road, this road extends 800 miles from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois 1811 1811
USA Battle of Tippecanoe 1811 1811
Fairy Tales written by The Brothers Grimm 1810 1810
USA Macon's Bill Number Two Measure that discouraged British and French interference with U.S. commerce 1810 1810
War between France and Austria 1809 1809
British occupy Cape of Good Hope Second occupation of Cape Town by British 1806 1806
Official end of the Holy Roman Empire 1806 1806
Establishment of modern Egypt 1805 1805
Napoleon proclaimed emperor Proclaimed emperor by Senate and Tribunate; crowned in the presence of Pope Pius VII in Paris 1804 1804
USA Lewis and Clark begin expedition in western U.S. 1804 1804
France and Britain go to war 1803 1803
USA U.S. purchases Louisiana 1803 1803
Peace of Amiens between Britain and France 1802 1802
USA Tripoli declares war on U.S. 1801 1801
USA Jefferson elected president in U.S. 1800 1809
Rosetta Stone found Makes deciphering of hieroglyphics possible 1799 1799
Irish emigration to Canada begins 1798 1798
USA Alien and Sedition Acts passed in U.S. 1798 1798
USA Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions 1798 1798
Napoleon attacks England 1797 1797
USA Two-party system develops in U.S. 1796 1796
USA Adams elected president in U.S. 1796 1801
USA Tennessee enters the Union 1796 1796
USA Treaty of Greenville Settlement with Native Americans that opened the Ohio valley to settlement 1795 1795
USA Pinckney's Treaty Treaty with Spain that gave Mississippi navigation rights to U.S. 1795 1795
Jay's Treaty Treaty negotiated by Jay John to settle British disputes over the Treaty of Paris 1794 1794
USA Battle of Fallen Timbers Final battle that led to the Treaty of Greenville and the settling of the Ohio valley 1794 1794
USA Whiskey Rebellion Series of uprisings against a federal excise tax on whiskey 1794 1794
The Louvre becomes a national art gallery 1793 1793
USA Cotton gin invented by Eli Whitney 1793 1793
Denmark abolishes slave trade Denmark is the first nation to abolish the slave trade 1792 1792
Canada Constitutional Act Canada Constitutional Act divides the country into two provinces, Upper and Lower Canada 1791 1791
Waltz become fashionable in England 1791 1791
USA Bank of U.S. is chartered 1791 1791
USA Bill of Rights adopted in U.S. 1791 1791
USA Washington elected first president of U.S. 1789 1796
French Revolution 1789 1789
USA United State of America established 1788 1788
Turkey declares war on Russia 1787 1787
Northwest Ordinance Jefferson's Proposal for political organization of the Northwest Territory 1787 1787
USA Constitutional Convention meets Revised the Articles of Confederation into the U.S. Constitution 1787 1787
USA Russians settle in Aleutian Isles 1785 1785
USA Land Ordinance of 1785 Established Jefferson's plan for U.S. land policy 1785 1785
Treaty of Constantinople Turkey agrees to Russian annexation of the Crimea 1784 1784
USA Economic depression in U.S. 1784 1784
Famine in Japan 1783 1783
USA Treaty of Paris signed Formally ends the American Revolution 1783 1783
Spanish capture Minorca from British 1782 1782
USA British surrender to American colonies in Yorktown 1781 1781
Henry Grattan demands Home Rule for Ireland An Irish Statesman fights England for an Irish legislative government. 1780 1780
Spain declares war on Britain Siege at Gibraltar 1779 1779
Treaty with France signed France agrees to assist with the colonies fight for independence 1778 1778
War of Bavarian Succession 1778 5/1/1779
USA Articles of Confederation drafted in America 1777 1788
USA Winter at Valley Forge 1777 1777
USA Declaration on Independence in America 1776 1776
USA American victories at Trenton and Princeton 1776 1776