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Event Name
USA Second Continental Congress Established the first Congress to represent the colonies 1775 1775
USA Washington appointed commander of Continental Army 1775 1775
USA American Revolutionary War 1775 1781
USA Battles of Lexington and Concord in America 1775 1775
USA Battle of Bunker Hill 1775
Quebec Act To secure Canada's loyalty to Great Britain; establishes Roman Catholicism in Canada 1774 1774
USA First Continental Congress Assembly of 50 colonial delegates from 12 colonies to consider a Declaration of Rights and Grievances and ban all trade with Britain 1774 1774
USA Boston Tea Party 1773 1773
USA English Parliament passes Tea Act, resulting in the Boston Tea Party 1773 1773
Royal Marriage Act in Britain To prevent undesirable royal marriages 1772 1772
Russia, Austria, and Prussia agree about partition of Poland Twenty-five percent of Poland was divided between Russia, Austria, and Prussia 1771 1771
Life of Beethoven 1770 1827
USA Boston Massacre 1770 1770
Austria occupies Poland Austria occupies Lwow and Zips region of Poland 1769 1769
France buys Corsica form Genoa 1768 1768
Townsend Acts Several measures passed by the British Parliament designed to enforce taxation on the colonies 1767 1767
Circular Letter sent throughout the colonies Letter written by John Adams to protest the Townsend Acts 1767 1767
First Mysore War 1767 1769
USA Stamp Act To tax American colonies 1765 1766
USA Sons of Liberty formed The creation of a secret patriotic society to oppose the Tax Act 1765 1765
Mozart's first symphony written 1764 1764
James Watt invents condenser First step toward the steam engine - invents condenser 1764 1764
Amendment of British Sugar Act To tax American colonies 1763 1763
Treaty of Hamburg between Sweden and Prussia 1762 1762
Quebec falls to British troops 1759 1759
Britain declares war on France 1756 1756
Seven Years' War Worldwide series of conflicts fought for control of Germany and for supremacy in colonial America and India 1756 1763
French and Indian War 1754 1763
Anglo-French war in N. America 1754 1754
England permits naturalization of Jews 1753
Great Britain adopts Gregorian calendar  9/14/1752 9/14/1752
USA French fortify Ohio Valley 1752 1752
British calendar altered-Jan.1 beginning of year British calendar altered by Act of Parliament: Jan.1 henceforth to be the beginning of New Year 1751 1751
USA Enlightenment in America 1750 1750
Austria loses the Netherlands to France French victory at Raucoux; Austria loses the Netherlands 1746 1746
British take Louisburg, Canada 1745 1745
The Great Awakening Period of religious revival for early Christians 1740 1740
USA State of Georgia established 1733 1733
Treaty of Vienna Treaty of Vienna between England, Holland, Spain and the Holy Roman Emperor 1731 1731
Battle of Storkyro Establishes Russian Domination of Finland 1714 1714
USA Tuscarora War Tuscarora War in N. Carolina; Indians kill 200 settlers 1711 1711