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Coney's Stamps, as well as all other Keystone ISS Inc. owned and operated web sites are predominantly information resources. We do offer limited product advertisements. However, ads found on our pages are context specific and have two goals. The First and most important is to aid the reader. Any given ad on a page of our sites will be a product specifically related to the topic/subject of that page. Second: to help pay web development fees and tools, hosting fees and costs related to running and maintaining these web sites and in some cases obtaining content or licensing to use someone else's content.

Affiliate Program: We have been discussing this for some time. At this time we do not, but are investigating the addition of a program. The main benefit to adding an affiliate program would be to increase exposure of our sites to the internet public. As this is not a site strictly setup for profit and to offer a steady line of products we will need to evaluate the costs and benefits. You may request more information, notification or send comments about an affiliate program.

If you have a product or service that you would like to advertise on one of our sites, we're open to discussion. But it must be topic or subject related. We also invite you to review our Future Sites and Subjects and the Our Sites pages to get a better feel for our topics and subjects. We're open to receiving products for evaluation and review on a limited basis.

We do intend to add an e-commerce site which is tentatively scheduled to open in late summer-early fall of 2009. This on line store will offer products supporting many of the areas of interest to our users. We will sell products that we recommend but we don't recommend items just because we sell them. We select items to sell based on our experience and knowledge. Other products will include collectibles and information products.

Information products will include but are not limited to the contents of our sites for off-line use and for the ease and convenience of our users/public. Unlike other information products, the cost of those CDs and DVD's will be based on and limited to the cost of the time and effort to produce them.