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I have done an “about face” on my decision not to run ads.  The decision was made in part due to my schedule, never having the time to dedicate 100% and the shear work load that I laid-out for this site has caused unacceptable delays in my opinion.  As a consequence I have brought in some professional help from another branch of the family as well as additional automation tools.

Some of this represents additional costs which I hope modest use of advertisements will help cover.  This is not really intended as a income generating site.

My goal of providing “the” repository of philatelic information, free to all, has not changed. Yes, this is largely a family affair but we have been in touch with several well known authors who have decided to write a few articles for the site!

Ad placements are strictly under the following terms:

  • No blinking or distracting ads,
  • Nothing that moves, floats over or covers text,
  • Nothing that a user HAS to click on to read the pages content.
  • Nothing embarrassing, illegal (even about legalization) or immoral, (sex, drugs, online gambling, adult diapers, ED problems, etc.).  Yes, I will be the judge of that but I will also listen to users of the site.
  • Nothing that our youngest readers shouldn’t see.
  • Ads are only located in certain areas such as the sidebar, are small in size and do not intrude into the article’s area.
  • Content text, graphics or menus never have to flow around an ad.
  • Text ads and links are permissible but must be on topic.
  • Any ad clicked on will open in a new browser window so users won’t have to figure out how to get back.
  • No overabundance of ads.  Some pages won’t display any ads.

Ads will be selected which are in some way related to the content of the page displaying the ad or it will simply be philatelic in nature.  For example; if the page is discussing digital microscopes for philatelic use, an ad might be displayed for a company that sells them.

I will not use articles to steer readers to specific products to make a buck. there is no endorsement for pay deals.  If at anytime a paid endorsement happens, or could be construed, I will make note of that for the users.  For example; if “company-x” paid me to add an article they supplied which extolls their product, first I’d make sure they article is not a lie, second I’d make sure the readers knew that the article came from “company-x”.

As politely as possible, I do intend to poll users on several topics including what they think about ads and product types to steer clear of “sore subjects”.


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