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Posted By on July 21, 2013

After struggeling with problems since mid May, I gave up and asked my previous hosting company to cancel my account effective immediately.

The reason is that has slowly degraded.  Lately we’ve been fighting being blocked by all the major ISPs and spam block lists (Verizon, ComCast, SpamHaus/CBL, etc).  The IPs assigned to IMHosted have been flagged for spamming.  Unfortunately, that means EVERYONE on the same shared server at IMHosted is fighting this.  As soon as they get unblocked it happens again and they get blocked again making our email addresses next to useless. 

IMHosted’s tech support either doesn’t care, are the ones spamming or they are just inept.  ( I think choices A and C are the most likely.) 

Slowly they’ve reduced their reach ability.

  • I used to have a phone number for support… GONE. 
  • I used to have direct emails for support… GONE. 
  • I used to have live CHAT to a US based person at the datacenter…GONE.  

The only support option left:  a web form with an average response time of 3 days (my personal observations) and a CHAT to somewhere that they don’t speak (or type) in English.  Their billing department during business days is apparently incapable of communicating in fluent english as well.

Over the past couple years, they’ve also modified their terms since I signed up with them.  They’ve reduced the system capabilities and limits. Their install ready scripts have also stagnated.  Same crap for several years now, as a matter of fact the list is shorter now than it was when I signed up. They have not even kept the versions up to date.

Due to the type of account and access that I had, I had limited visability and ability to act on security related issues. 

Since early-mid May, I’d been fighting my outgoing emails being blocked by spam lists, even though I don’t spam (how many of you have ever recieved a spam from me… NONE). I send 20-50 emails on a Very HEAVY day. Tech support said that someone on the same box was sending spam and they suspended his account.

In June, I suspected that someone was using my email accounts to send SPAM.  I contacted tech support for help with a rather lengthy email giving them the names and files that looked suspicious and again asked them for help.  First, they replyed with a cut-n-paste straight out of the help files telling me how to turn on spam assassin…  They obviously didn’t read the email I sent because they thought I was getting spam.  In reality, I don’t think the other user on the box was spamming, I believe the box had been compromised and someone was using the accounts to send spam without permission to do so.

I emailed again with a full description of what I was seeing and asked tech support for assistance.  Their tech support suspended my account!!! Friday, June 28th. No notice, no response to emails/tickets, no nothing! No chance to even download or transfer my files.

I’m glad that I do a full back of the site once a month but since this was a few days before my regularly scheduled back up, I lost all changes made on the server for almost a month.  That month was pretty active and I had made a lot of changes.

I waited 1 week for a responce and tried to escelate the problem with a link for the tech supprt superrvisor.  That’s just another dead end.  NO Responce at all.  NO replys to any of the 3 tickets I had to open, not a word. 

Even though billing closed the account at my request, I know the account is still on their system because I am still getting automated alerts from the server on status and stuff like that.  I get one every-day.  Funny, but I didn’t start getting the alearts until all this trouble started.  I flagged them as Spam so my spam filter deletes them but I still get them everyday.  If they don’t stop by the end of the month I’ll report them to my ISPs as spam!!!

I had been a customer since June 7th 2006 and I would have stayed with them for a long time.  Just before this all started in mid-May, I was to the point where I wanted to upgrade my service to support the work that I’m currently doing on the site.  I tried to contact them for three weeks and look at what they could offer.  I never did get to talk to anyone about upgrading my service.  I’m glad that I didn’t now.  Instead I upgraded elsewhere and relocated my site.

It took a coupe days for the name server transfers to complete but now I have a dedicated IP, Private SSL Cert, the new host’s versions are up to date and they offer better terms all the way around.

 So that’s the painful story.  I now perform more frequent backups and have increased the documentation of my sites behind the scenes work.

Don’t host with IMHosted and if you do… do yourself a favor and move while you can still access your files.





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